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Learn for Life School of Motoring

09 - Feb - 2015

Driving Lessons in the Louth, Grimsby and Lincoln areas

B E Trailer Towing

B + E trailer, caravan and horsebox towing courses in Lincolnshire

B   E Trailer Towing

B + E Trailer Towing and the DVSA Test

For B + E car and trailer, caravan and horsebox towing courses in Lincolnshire, choose Learn for Life School of Motoring. Whatever your previous experience, I have a course to suit all levels and abilities. Reversing a trailer is easier than you might think, given the right help and tuition.

We always have tests reserved in advance - no need to wait for months for an appointment - contact us to book.


Why choose us?

  • Small specialist driving school - flexible - professional - personal attention
  • Assessment lesson - £55.00
  • You will receive tuition from Richard Fisher, a qualified and experienced ADI and LGV licence holder, one-to-one coaching.
  • Years of experience successfully delivering B + E towing courses in Lincolnshire
  • Local training - where you will be taking your test - B + E trailer towing test at the Grimsby LGV test centre.
  • Test booking service - as a DVSA registered trainer we always reserve and book tests in advance so we can provide a prompt service.
  • Payments can be made via Pay Pal / cash / cheque / BACS.


I don't claim to be the cheapest for B + E towing courses...but I do aim to be amongst the best, offering real value for money. I set out to provide a course designed to give you the best chance of passing your B + E test first time.

Please do have a look at the Testimonial Page for reviews.


Are YOU licenced to tow a trailer, caravan or horsebox?

If you passed your driving test after 1st January 1997, you will probably need to pass the DVSA's additional B + E trailer driving test. [Depending on vehicle & trailer weights - Please click on the link below ("Towing with a car - rules / categories") to the GOV.UK website for full and exact licence details]

In order to take the DVSA B + E driving test, you must hold a full car driving licence.

If you hold the 'B + E' entitlement, but would like instruction on vehicle handling and reversing, I would be pleased to help you. Please ring to discuss your requirements.

If you have never towed a trailer before and need to start from scratch, I can guide you through the whole procedure, leading up to the B + E driving test, which I can book for you.

Within the course, I will provide the training you need.



Preparation and Assessment


If you are thinking of taking the B + E test, I would strongly advise you to undertake an assessment session, so that you know what to expect, and which areas you may need to improve on.

Assessment session - 2 hours - cost: £55.00

  • Full briefing on the DVSA practical B + E test
  • The 'Show me - Tell me' safety questions
  • Demonstration and practice of the reverse manoeuvre
  • The uncoupling / coupling exercise explained
  • Assessment drive and appraisal
  • Written 'Action Plan' if appropriate


About the DVSA B + E Test

The test comprises:

  • Eyesight test and up to 5 "Show me - Tell me" safety questions
  • Reverse manoeuvre from one bay, across the manoeuvring area and into another bay
  • Uncoupling / coupling exercise
  • Drive of about one hour - including approx 10 mins of 'independent driving' with a laden trailer.

The exercises are undertaken at the test centre, and the test conducted from there. As well as the reversing manoeuvre, you will need a sound knowledge of the correct, safe routines for the trailer uncoupling / re-coupling exercise.

The standard of driving required is in line with that for the LGV driving test, on which the B + E test is based.

You will be expected to demonstrate and apply to your driving good observation and planning, anticipation and situational awareness, making good progress, whilst employing defensive driving techniques.

The test centre for central, north and north east Lincolnshire, including Lincoln, Louth and the surrounding area is located at the LGV Test Centre in Grimsby.



B + E Trailer Towing Tuition


Prices -

I run courses tailored to meet the requirements of the individual. Each course includes the session for the DVSA test.

The courses I run are normally over one and a half, two and a half, three and a half, or four and a half days, with the DVSA test on the last day.


  • Candidates who know the local area well, drive to a high standard, and have considerable towing and trailer reversing experience may only need a course over one and a half days.
  • For the majority of candidates a course of two and a half days will be appropriate.
  • Those new to driving, who have never towed or reversed a trailer will probably need more time, in order to achieve the level required.


With a candidate who has no previous reversing experience, depending on the outcome of the assessment lesson, and on the length of course selected, it is sometimes advisable to have a couple of hour long lessons on reversing before the start of an intensive course. This is not always necessary.

Candidates with considerable reversing experience will often require minimal tuition on this manoeuvre.


I strongly recommend that pupils take the initial assessment session, followed by an appropriate course, in order to prepare adequately for the DVSA test.


Training Course Prices -


Initial assessment lesson & briefing on DVSA test procedure £55.00
DVSA B + E practical test fee £115.00
One & a half day course (for those with considerable experience) £270.00
Two & a half day course (the usual course for the majority of drivers) £390.00
Three & a half day course (if you have limited experience and need that bit extra tuition & more practice) £480.00
Four & a half day course (for those new to driving with no towing experience) £660.00

(There is a £5 admin charge added to the test fee if you pay us through Pay Pal - no surcharge for other payment methods). If you do wish to pay via Pay Pal, please talk to us first!

The charge per hour is for ONE-TO-ONE TUITION, I am always pleased to consider lessons for TWO PUPILS at a time, if you have more than one candidate - this can save you time and money, as the charge per hour spent out in the car remains the same.

Note: Cat B licences from January 19th 2013: You can tow a trailer with a MAM up to 750kgs as long as the combined weight of car and trailer does not exceed 3500kgs. If you wish to tow a trailer with a MAM above 750kgs, the MAM of the trailer should not exceed the unladen weight of the towing vehicle, and the combined weight must not exceed 3500kgs. Above these limits you will require a B + E licence.


Please contact me to discuss your requirements, and to arrange an assessment session - phone, mobile or email.

  • Lesson prices may vary and we reserve the right to withdraw offers without notice. Please ask for a written copy of our Terms and Conditions.
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