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Learn for Life School of Motoring

09 - Feb - 2015

Driving Lessons in the Louth, Grimsby and Lincoln areas


Driving Lessons in Louth, Lincoln, Grimsby & Skegness

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Driver training across Lincolnshire

Driver training; specialising in providing intensive driving courses in Louth, Lincoln, Grimsby and Skegness, and in B + E car & trailer, caravan and horsebox towing in Lincolnshire with B + E tests in Grimsby, reserved in advanced for a prompt service.

We are a small driving school with a difference. Our aim is to provide quality, professional driving tuition, with an approved driving instructor, teaching our pupils to DRIVE, not just pass a test. We don't claim to be the cheapest, but we do aim to be amongst the best, offering good value for money. In all our driving lessons, we put safety and standards first.


Matt B. took a course in Lincoln - this is what he has to say: "I recently booked a 4 day driving course with my test on the 4th day. I asked for 18 hours of driving. The days went ever so quick but the the amount of driving knowledge and awareness that I had learned in such a small amount of time was vast. Richard is straight to the point and will not hesitate to aid you in correcting any errors. A very aware prepared and fair instructor. I passed my test on the 4th day with no faults. Thank you Richard." 10th November 2014.

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Our driving lessons (car - learner drivers - cat 'B') cost £23.00 per hour.

Intensive Courses - please go to "Intensive" page.

B + E trailer towing lessons - Priced per course - Please see "B + E" Page.

B + E trailer towing assessment lesson (2 hrs) - £55.00

"Pass Plus" - minimum 6 hours - £140.00

Lessons from an experienced, approved driving instructor in Louth, Lincoln, Grimsby or Skegness.

As a Registered Trainer with the DVSA, we always have B + E trailer towing tests at Grimsby test centre reserved in advance - no need to wait. We can also search ahead at various test centres for car tests.

Pay by: PayPal / cash / cheque or BACS.



Please go to the relevant pages for driving crash courses, B + E trailer towing courses in Lincolnshire and further training including Pass Plus.

We specialise in intensive and semi-intensive driving courses, (that is "crash courses") and in B + E car & trailer, caravan and horsebox towing courses.

Whichever licence you are aiming for, we are happy to accept pupils who are complete novices, or those with some experience, but we are also happy to coach candidates who have already failed one or more driving tests.

In order to take the B + E trailer towing test, you need to hold a full car driving licence.

Why choose us?

  • High pass rate - dedicated, expert tuition - one-to-one coaching
  • Intensive / semi-intensive "crash" courses a speciality
  • Courses covering the Louth, Lincoln, Grimsby and Skegness test centres
  • Driving courses starting in Louth and hourly lessons offered in the Louth area
  • Mock tests - improve your chances of passing
  • Track record - helps you chart your progress
  • B + E trailer, caravan and horsebox towing courses in Lincolnshire
  • Pass plus - motorway lessons - risk awareness - refresher courses
  • Confidence building - driving motorhomes etc.
  • Practical driving test booking service - (We always have B + E trailer towing driving tests booked in advance - no need to wait for months)
  • Payment from this website via PayPal, or by cash / cheque / BACS.


Our Philosophy

We aim to provide top quality driving tuition and personal, professional service covering a large part of Lincolnshire.

With structured driving lessons from the start, our policy is to teach you to drive, not just pass a test - probably the best investment you will ever make in your personal safety on the road.

We help to build your confidence, making you safe and competent, to equip you for independent, safe driving - a skill for life!

The current driving test - now includes 10 mins of 'Independent Driving'.

We always strive to teach pupils to DRIVE, not just pass a test. Independent driving, with pupils thinking for themselves, this is what the new driving test is designed to assess, and what we have always aimed for. We have never advocated the practice of just 'learning test routes'.

Unlike some driving schools, we have always taken pupils further afield, not just around the test routes. We believe this is important and gives them more experience of a variety of different roads and traffic conditions, not only making them more able and confident, but also making that first time test pass more likely!

Specialists in:

  • B + E car and trailer, caravan and horsebox towing courses in Lincolnshire - with tests reserved in advance, no need to wait for months for yours
  • Intensive and semi-intensive "driving crash courses" in Louth, Lincoln, Grimsby and Skegness

Call us now or email us from our contact page


Pay online, securely from this website via PayPal - but please note that this is not a booking service - talk to us first!

  • Lesson prices may vary and we reserve the right to withdraw offers without notice. Please ask for a written copy of our Terms and Conditions.
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  • B + E trailer towing courses in Lincolnshire
  • Driver training in Lincolnshire
  • Tests booked in advance, no need to wait